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Medicare Spending Cuts Are a Must

Former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Blinder Monday that Medicare spending will “swallow up everything” and threaten attempts at deficit control without action to curb costs. Blinder, a former Clinton White House economic adviser, said there is “no chance” to reduce the deficit unless the United States “significantly reduces healthcare spending.” He added that… Read More »

Reducing the Cost of Medicare Insurance

Republicans believe forcing people to buy private health insurance as the place to reduce cost. Democrats believe that the insurance fee-for-service model is at fault. For Republicans, the fix is the free market: people should buy whatever health insurance, or health care, they want and can afford. If all they can manage is cheap insurance… Read More »

How is Medicare Insurance and Entitlement?

Here is an article from that wonders who exactly get’s the Medicare Part D Entitlement. Every time I hear the word “entitlement” in connection with Social Security or Medicare I want to grab the fool who is using Frank Luntz’s word by the collar and ask him (or her) just how stupid they are. Do they not… Read More »