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Cost of Medicare Part D – Six Things to Consider

Your costs begin with your monthly premium. Them, depending on the plan, you will have to pay a deductible before you start receiving any benefit. Once you have paid your deductible, you will still pay a portion of your prescription. This is known as co-insurance. You will receive the benefit until you reach the initial… Read More »

Top Ten Low Cost Medicare Part D Plans

The Avalere study determined that during the open enrollment period, beneficiaries sought out and and chose a low-cost Medicare prescription drug plan (PDP). The market competition that help shift enrollees to low-cost PDP’s has helped keep Medicare Part D premiums fairly stable in 2013. The Top 10 Low Cost Medicare Part D Plan Providers AARP… Read More »

What is Part D IRMAA?

You pay a premium whether you receive Part D coverage from a singke Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, a Medicare Advantage plan that includes a Prescription Drug Plan, or a Medicare Cost Plan that includes Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. This affects you even if you receive Part D coverage through your employer. This 2013 IRMAA changes… Read More »

How is Medicare Insurance and Entitlement?

Here is an article from that wonders who exactly get’s the Medicare Part D Entitlement. Every time I hear the word “entitlement” in connection with Social Security or Medicare I want to grab the fool who is using Frank Luntz’s word by the collar and ask him (or her) just how stupid they are. Do they not… Read More »

Medicare Part D Transition Rules

This exempt from NSCLC (National Senior Citizens Law Center) explains more: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that sponsors of Medicare Part D prescription drug plans provide beneficiaries with access to transition supplies of needed medications to protect them from disruption and give adequate time to move over to a drug that… Read More »

More Arguments to Save Part D

Part D Medicare is a popular program used by many, but it is not immune to review as part of the Medicare overhaul process. The “fix” to part D may result in increased costs an less efficacy as the article below notes. In December, the Iowa Business Council’s quarterly survey of Iowa business leaders pointedly… Read More »

Compliance Disparities with Medicare Part D

There has been a study to see if Medicare Part D has had any affect on the costs of associated with Medicare Part A and B. The studies have not found a link. That is, Higher spending on Part D does not translate into lower spending on Part A and B. The study focused on… Read More »

No Need to Fix Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D  is not broken. According to this article, Medicare Part D cost the government less than when it at the beginning. … additional statistics from a recent survey by Medicare Today found that:    » While overall Medicare costs have gone up, Part D projections remain 43 percent below expectations during the initial 2004-2013… Read More »