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What is Part D IRMAA?

You pay a premium whether you receive Part D coverage from a singke Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, a Medicare Advantage plan that includes a Prescription Drug Plan, or a Medicare Cost Plan that includes Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. This affects you even if you receive Part D coverage through your employer. This 2013 IRMAA changes… Read More »

Medicare Plans Provider Participation

2. They don’t accept assignment. This means they can still see Medicare patients, but the claim payments are not assigned to the provider, though the provider is still required to file the claim with Medicare. In this case the provider is allowed to charge excess charges of 15% (actually 9.25% as previously noted) above the… Read More »

Hospitals Drive Medicare Spending Increases

This facility fee is a windfall for hospitals, and it is perhaps the reason why hospitals are continually expanding their facilities. This continual expansion of facilities is one of the reasons that he United States has the most expensive healthcare system in the industrialized world, and not necessarily the best. The healthcare industry often argues for… Read More »

Reducing the Cost of Medicare Insurance

Republicans believe forcing people to buy private health insurance as the place to reduce cost. Democrats believe that the insurance fee-for-service model is at fault. For Republicans, the fix is the free market: people should buy whatever health insurance, or health care, they want and can afford. If all they can manage is cheap insurance… Read More »

New Medicare Supplement Product

From Yahoo Finance, this announcement: “Traditional Medicare includes cost sharing and benefit limitations that can result in significant and unlimited out-of-pocket expenses. Medicare Supplement plans are designed to assist seniors in covering those unexpected costs and provide stability in their out of pocket health care expenses. These new plans are competitively priced and policyholders, applicants… Read More »

Summary of Medicare Plans

Some think that when they turn 65 that all their health insurance needs will be taken care of by the US government via Medicare. That may work in Israel but unfortunately not here in the United States. Medicare part A, which covers hospital needs, is automatically given to those who are turning 65 and have… Read More »